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The issues of leadership exercise seem to be evident: interpersonal tension, schism, brief pastorates, leader burnout or dropout, laity disillusionment, status quo mentality, declining membership, upside down priorities, and the unmet needs of people all of which are indicators of spiritual impotency. The church desperately needs a new type of leaders namely, men and women of humility and courage, integrity and clarity, openness and high caliber, with prophetic life and ministry who have a genuine concern for and commitment to the well being of the Body of Christ.


Such leaders do not arise spontaneously. These leaders must be created and developed by the Holy Spirit and the Word through careful character-formation and training. We believe Legacy of Leadership International has the vision and God-given potential to make crucial contributions to the creation of the leadership we so desperately need. We will be involved in the leadership development in every nation with collaboration and under the leadership of the Evangelical Alliances wherever it is applicable.

Crystal Salt
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