The Need for Leadership Development

It is worth noticing that churches and their leaders are often anguished or indifferent, and the difficulties do not seem to be associated with any particular church polity or size..


LLI's Mission Statement: “To capacitate local and national churches and Christian organizations of the Two-Third World through equipping and training emerging Godly national leaders, so that they will be able to reach the un-reached people groups with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring them to faith in their respective nations.”  

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We are passionate about and have a vision for church and organizational leaders:

“To mentor, train and develop fifty existing church & organizational leaders and newly emerging godly leaders of every nation of the Two-Third world, on different shades of leadership, so that they will be able to train other regional and local leaders by establishing Leadership Institutes in each nation.”

  LLI Motto:    “Passion for Christ
Compassion for people
 Companionship with leaders!”